Bianca Lindemann

Academy Manager

Bianca is often the first point of contact for many of our clients. She has been instrumental in achieving SETA accreditation for most of our skills based courses and knows each one of the courses intimately. Apart from her role within the Academy, she is also involved in Environmental Strategy Development for Terra Firma Solutions’ clients. Bianca has a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Environmental Economics from the University of London and has participated in a variety of additional sustainability courses. Bianca’s career has taken her from Germany to Switzerland and South Africa. She has worked for 3 major worldwide operating, container and bulk shipping companies and completed her bachelor degree in shipping business during that time. Environmental concerns have always been a key focus and desire of hers, which brought her to the Academy to build a career in the green industries and pursue her passion.

Ed Gluckman

Co-founder, Acting Dean and Managing Director

Ed is a leading expert on environmental strategy and advises some of the largest companies from various industries on how to integrate environmental sustainability into the fabric of their business. Ed’s expertise extends to the carbon markets and carbon project development as well as water efficiency and has designed and given numerous courses on these topics. Ed has been involved in environmental education for more than five years and has been pivotal in designing courses aimed at creating a steady stream of green professionals in the carbon, energy, water, residential and carbon projects areas. Ed co-founded the Carbon Protocol of South Africa (a non-profit collaboration) which sets the standards for the calculation, verification and reporting on greenhouse gases in South Africa.

Martina Gluckman

Group Education Co-ordinator

Martina is a training specialist who has expertise in the area of developing training material that is interactive and memorable. As well as being a primary lecturer she is also Group Education Co-ordinator due to her experience in bringing innovative courses to market. Martina is a co-founder of Terra Firma Solutions as well as being a sought after residential Eco-Consultant and has been featured in Opera Magazine amongst other publications. She is regarded as a thought leader in the field of residential eco-consulting and has designed and delivered numerous courses in this field. Martina has personally educated hundreds of students who today make up the green professional workforce that is changing the residential landscape for the better. Martina’s knowledge extends to the green office environment where she has designed and given courses including Office Eco-Consulting. Her courses are sought after and her students have been vocal in their praise for her unique learning techniques. Martina is married with two children. Martina has a BA Fine Arts Degree from the University of Stellenbosch.