9 Reasons for Measurement & Verification and Why Professionals Are Needed.

Are you looking to implement an energy savings project in your…
October 5, 2016/by Jef

Can South Africa run on renewable energy? SA’s energy future still unsure.

At about 2pm on Sunday the 15th of May this year, Germany met…
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4 ways energy training can save your business money

When it comes to training staff, there is a great question and…
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A lack of Energy Efficiency Assessors is throttling Energy Efficiency growth in SA

Energy, in South Africa has become one of the most talked about…
December 4, 2014/by Jef

Carbon tax 2013/14 – Will it affect job growth?

The recent announcement by Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan…
December 3, 2014/by Jef

What is Green?

By now, we all have read stacks of environmental articles, received…
December 3, 2014/by Jef

It is time to say good bye

There is a love affair that most people have with the familiar…
December 3, 2014/by Jef

Catch the Sun!

Using what is natural, healthy and for free should be first aim…
December 3, 2014/by Jef

Water scarcity in SA will drive Water jobs growth

In recent years South Africa’s electricity shortage problems…
December 3, 2014/by Jef

Interview with Ken Ross about energy efficiency

Terra Firma Academy interviewed Ken Ross, an Engineer from Terra…
December 3, 2014/by Jef
Carbon footprint assessor salary comparison

Carbon Footprint Assessor salary

Many of us are passionate about the environment and want to work…
December 3, 2014/by Jef

Energy Vampires

South Africa is facing rising energy costs and a future of unstable…
December 3, 2014/by Jef
Green house rating

Interview with Martina Gluckman

Terra Firma Academy interviewed residential eco consultant, Martina…
December 3, 2014/by Jef

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We've all heard the mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” but have…
December 3, 2014/by Jef
Electricity hike means more jobs?

Is electricity increase creating more jobs?

Last week Eskom asked the National Energy Regulator of South…
December 3, 2014/by Jef

Interview with engineer, Xavier Balayer

Bianca Lindemann from Terra Firma Academy interviewed Xavier…
December 3, 2014/by Jef

Game-changing technology

"After studying more than thirty successful attackers, I believe…
December 3, 2014/by Jef
Electricity hike

Eskom’s latest round of price increases

The business case for implementing energy efficiency is becoming…
December 3, 2014/by Jef

COP 18, Carbon Markets and the 7th Greenhouse Gas

The conclusion of COP 18 at the beginning of December last year…
December 3, 2014/by Jef

Let’s all be winners

At some point over the past 11 years, we have all heard of the…
December 3, 2014/by Jef

Property: Environment to become a key factor.

December 3, 2014/by Jef

2013: Differentiate yourself in your career!

It is only the beginning of 2013, and many a New Year’s resolution…
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Carbon Disclosure Project

Those of us involved in the green industries would have come…
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Residential Eco Consulting. What are the financial benefits for your home?

Residential contribution to environmental degradation is often…
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