Course facilitators

Shaun Diamond

Energy Efficiency Expert

Shaun has over 5 years’ experience in the electrical energy efficiency industry, with a strong focus on Green IT, encompassing large corporate Data Centre energy management projects and the related end-user environments within South Africa. Shaun is also a Green Star SA Accredited Professional, awarded through the Green Building Council of South Africa and has an all-encompassing knowledge of energy efficient lighting, with experience in numerous commercial lighting projects.

Martina Gluckman

Senior Facilitator

Martina is a training specialist who has expertise in the area of developing training material that is interactive and memorable. As well as being a primary lecturer she is also Group Education Co-ordinator due to her experience in bringing innovative courses to market. Martina is a co-founder of Terra Firma Solutions as well as being a sought after residential Eco-Consultant and has been featured in Oprah Magazine amongst other publications. She is regarded as a thought leader in the field of residential eco-consulting and has designed and delivered numerous courses in this field. Martina has personally educated hundreds of students who today make up the green professional workforce that is changing the residential landscape for the better. Martina’s knowledge extends to the green office environment where she has designed and given courses including Office Eco-Consulting.  Her courses are sought after and her students have been vocal in their praise for her unique learning techniques. Martina is married with two children. Martina has a BA Fine Arts Degree from the University of Stellenbosch.

Devin de Waal

BSC (ENG) (Mechanical), MSC (ENG) (Sustainable Energy) | Senior Engineer

Devin is a Mechanical Engineer and Certified Energy Manager with a Masters Degree in the energy engineering sector. Devin has experience working as a project engineer for Eskom at Medupi Power Station Project where he managed several Turbine systems in terms of design, construction and commissioning. Devin is currently working in both the energy efficiency team involved in the identification and analysis of energy management opportunities as well as in the design and project management of large-scale solar PV projects in the industrial and commercial sectors.

Mary Jervis

Engineering Director

Mary is a registered Professional Engineer with the Engineering Council of South Africa and a Certified Energy Manager with the Association of Energy Engineers in the USA. Mary began her career at Eskom, South Africa’s main power utility where she worked on many projects of various sizes including projects associated with the mining and municipal sectors. Her role as the utility’s Project Engineer for the integration of three Independent Power Projects in the Western and Northern Cape introduced her to the renewable energy sector where she liaised with engineers from around the globe. On joining Terra Firma in 2014, Mary was responsible for energy and electrical projects before joining the solar team, designing and managing solar PV projects, in the commercial, retail, manufacturing and agricultural sectors. Mary graduated from University of the Witwatersrand with a degree in Biomedical Engineering (BEngSc BME) and an honours degree in Electrical Engineering (BSc Eng).