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Electricity Is Not South Africa’s Sole Concern.

Our Forgotten Amenities If one takes stock and review’s the last couple of years of South Africa’s amenities concerns, the most prevalent, in the minds of many people, would be our seemingly ever-present struggle for a consistent and reliable source of electricity. This issue has taken on a life of its own to such an […]

How To Capitalize On Your Company’s Carbon Footprint Analysis.

Global warming, sea levels on the rise, melting ice caps; and the famous two degrees rising temperature limit! If you (like most people) have been left dazed and confused by the plethora of jargon, industry terminology and mixed messages, today’s post is going to focus on a new firm favourite, the Carbon Footprint. That being […]

The Solar Stars of South Africa’s Sustainable Energy Future.

The Future Today The CEO’s and business leaders of today are more convinced than ever of the need to incorporate environmentally sustainable sources of energy within their business. Educated by example, it’s become painstakingly apparent that a total reliance on Eskom for a municipal supply of uninterrupted electricity in unfortunately no longer an option. While […]

Interview with Ted Blom As Shown On SABC

  The Grim Reality Of South Africa’s Commercial Energy Future. In the last few months, Eskom has declared power emergencies on a number of occasions and resorted to load-shedding throughout the country. This is because energy demand is outstripping Eskom’s supply during certain peak times; the reality is that security of a stable energy supply […]