The Grim Reality Of South Africa’s Commercial Energy Future.

In the last few months, Eskom has declared power emergencies on a number of occasions and resorted to load-shedding throughout the country. This is because energy demand is outstripping Eskom’s supply during certain peak times; the reality is that security of a stable energy supply in South Africa is severely threatened. In addition, electricity tariffs have more than trebled since 2007 and are expected to rise continuously by at least 8% annually, doubling in the next 7 years. With the additional power plants, Medupi and Kusile, running years behind schedule and tens of billions of Rands over budget and with new investments in additional energy plants and coal mines coming too late, there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of this dark tunnel for South African energy-users.

Further cementing any hope for South Africa’s energy stability, if one looks back as far as 2014, energy analyst Chris Yellands’ commented in an AFP article entitled Eskom is Holding back the South African Economy, “The limited capacity of South Africa Energy is inhibiting the growth of the economy”. The same article describes how our economy “the biggest in Africa and a top emerging market”, is incapacitated by a crisis after crisis within the sclerotic state-owned electricity provider Eskom”. The undeniable negative impacts of our ailing electricity grid on the economy are ominous, with businesses facing ever-increasing risks of survival.

Therefore, plans to reduce long-term business risks are absolutely essential. Terra Firma Academy, which offers accredited courses in Solar PV Installation, Solar PV Feasibility and Solar PV Operations and Managment, along with Energy Efficiency Management, has seen a striking increase in businesses and individuals looking to educate and equip themselves with the knowledge and technical skills to minimise or negate the impact caused by complete reliance on Eskom’s energy supply. In addition to this, the drastic decrease in the cost of Solar PV technology has seen some of Terra Firma’s Solar PV  course graduates, alumni and clients experiencing payback periods as short as two years on their initial training and investment. Ultimately, it is irrefutable that the costs associated with not managing and monitoring energy-usage or exploring alternative energy options are not only high but, so high that they threaten the very survival of many South African enterprises.

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